We're more than a real estate company, we're a partner who has your back.

Our focus

Job Opportunities

Working with Coastal will allow contractors to explore their creativity and provide input to ensure a quality finish.

Properties Sold

It is our goals to ensure homes are rebuilt or restored to a standard that illustrates the beauty of the city where they are located.


We are more than just builders, we are investing in the community. It’s our promise to our fellow investors and homeowners.

Watch it Happen!

Click here too watch our homes turn from blight to delight. We are committed to the beautification of New Orleans.

About US

Our expertise in the area is unparalleled.
Coastal Development

We’re more than just a real estate investment company, we’re a partner who’s got your back. Moving in to your dream home is a feeling like no other, and we make that happen daily.

Our Team

Senior Project Advisor
Denny Sumner brings an unmatched level of knowledge and experience to Coastal’s projects. He has worked on multimillion dollar projects all over the world, and it shows in his planning, execution, and delivery of world class results.
President andFounder
Jason is a full time entrepreneur. Rebuilding the Gulf Coast and placing families in beautifully renovated homes is his passion. Jason has worked in large scale construction construction projects throughout the world, and knows how to lead by example.

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