February 3, 2016


Seashore ExteriorOUR HISTORY

2014 – Jason officially starts Coastal Development Group, Inc., opening the home office in Minooka, IL. They then registered corporations in Mississippi and Louisiana. Within 90 days the company amassed over one million dollars in real estate assets.

2008 – Jason opens Global Safety Group, a corporation that services the oil and gas industry. Under Jason’s leadership, the company explodes, generating impressive revenues and healthy profits, which continues today.

2007 – Jason begins a new build near Chicago, taking on an even larger gamble under his purview. Lots of great successes and happiness follow.

2006 – Jason Stearman, founder and CEO, builds his first full scale investment property. As we all know, soon after this, the market collapsed, and Jason learned some hard lessons. His vision never wavered, however.


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